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English Chinese Translation - Why you should learn it

You'll like a knowledgeable account manager experienced in Chinese translations for your business with complete accuracy and worry-free execution for even the most complex multilingual projects. Chinese is the most widely spoken of the Asian languages and it is one of the main languages in Asia. Although China has the largest concentration of Chinese speakers, it is also spoken in regions of Russia and other neighboring countries. Communicating in Chinese allows you to potentially reach the 46 million Chinese speakers. Underneath are mentioned some of the reasons why is it always a profitable business to learn Chinese translation.

More business opportunities due to growing Chinese Economy : China is an attractive location for any business expansion and many European and American companies have invested huge sums into their Chinese business partners - so it's a good time to find the best Chinese translation services available. Professional Chinese translations provide a great opportunity for companies, especially European ones, who want to run a successful business in China by getting new customers and realizing their full international potential. Chinese translation service helps companies maximize their business performance in China. China's admission into the EU on May 1 2004 had a positive economic impact on the country. Many European companies invested huge sums of money into the Chinese economy, which has lead to the increasing importance of Chinese translations.

Great job Opportunities : With its new extended motorways, China has become even more attractive for foreign investments. So, the need for Chinese to English translations and English to Chinese translations has grown rapidly in the past few years, since English is the international language for business communications and the Chinese economy is expanding rapidly. After China's admission in EU, more and more of the international companies are eager to invest in China and thus arising are the countless job opportunities. Especially the jobs related to Chinese translation because the non Chinese speaking people find themselves absolutely helpless in reading the language and understanding it.

Helps during business meetings with Chinese clients : If you have Chinese clients, it will be a great help to communicate with them in their very own language. Ever imagined if your boss is Chinese and you don't speak a word of it. The result most obviously will be an absolute collapse of communication. With China's entry in EU on May 2004, the doors of international business are all opened towards China freely and Chinese Translators are more and more in demand. Hence, more and more business men are visiting China and vice versa for business meetings. Since English is an international language, it will be a great plus point if you know Chinese to English translation. You can easily attend seminar and conferences in Chinese language. A knowledgeable manager knowing Chinese translations can undoubtedly work for you with complete accuracy but know the language on your own will certainly help you build cordial relations with your clients.

High-quality translation a compared to automated tools : The quality of translation done by software is not good at all, hence it is important to learn Chinese to English translation and ensure that your business documents, websites etc. are translated by professional translators for the need of accuracy. One wrong word can turn the meaning all the different and things can go way wrong. Humans are humans, machines can never takeover in few contexts.

Translation Method to Learn Chinese Language

It will never be easy for anyone to translate a language without an extensive cultural background of the language you are trying to translate. Yes, you can translate a language word by word but you will find trouble giving its appropriate meaning after doing so. The point is that Language translation requires a lot of knowledge and understanding.

Chinese culture is not that easy to deal with. With the Chinese people considered to be snobbish and not that friendly people, it is definitely hard to cope and interact with them. Nevertheless, Chinese translation can still be learned but expect to undergo a difficult process.

One can learn Chinese translation from school. Some international schools offer courses on Chinese language. Try to consider enrolling in these schools if you are really interested in learning the language.

You can also get a Chinese tutor who can teach you at the comforts of your home or you can either do it online. Chinese tutors will really be a big help for you because they possess the knowledge of the Chinese culture and you can them to teach the appropriate translation to you. Tutors are most of the times available online. Some work for a company while others are freelancers.

If you do not want to spend some money to learn translating Chinese, you are free to use the internet for language translations. There are varieties of websites available for free online translation services. But what if you cannot go online all the time? There are free downloadable softwares in the internet. You can transfer them on your ipod or cell phone, so you do not have to go to the internet every time there is a word or sentence you want to translate. With this, it will be easier and more comfortable for you to learn Chinese translation.

Learning Chinese translation entails a lot of hard work and perseverance. You need to instill in your mind that you will be undergoing a difficult and long process in learning such. Good thing is that there are lots of methods now. You can even save your self from paying some money by being computer literate. This shows how technological advancement has help people in learning though traditional ways can still be dominant up to this generation.

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English to Chinese Translation and Chinese to English Translation: Corporate Website Translation

English to Chinese Translation and Chinese to English Translation: Corporate Website Translation: "It´s no secret. One of the best ways to expand your business is moving towards new markets. And how do you accomplish this? How do you gain..."

The Steep Hidden Costs of Free Translations

The EU report on the translation industry underlines the problems caused by the link between price and the translation business.

Its 426 pages cover lots of technical issues relevant only for the translation service providers, but paragraphs and underline the potentially deadly cost of skimping on translations.

This is a direct result of the specificities of the translation market. There are virtually no entry barriers to the translation business other than the ability to market oneself. This results in an ever-increasing quantity of individuals and agencies cluttering the market. The number of qualified linguists, however, is remaining quite stable, as outstanding translators, discouraged by the dwindling rates are moving to more rewarding professions as fast as new qualified translators are entering the market.

The ever-increasing number of suppliers implies that qualified linguists are facing unfair competition in terms of rates, as they have to compete with unqualified translators ready to work for peanuts. Unfortunately for them, end clients, spoiled by the ubiquity of free on-line translations, tend to assume that they should not pay too much for a mere upgrade of a free service. They seem to forget that, when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys…

These cheap translators are providing a service of a quality only marginally better than that provided by on-line translation program, which you can get for free. Sometimes, they actually simply use these on-line free programs and charge you for it, without performing even the slightest editing.

The EU report on the translation industry blames failure of companies to successfully expand on foreign markets to the savings performed on translating the relevant material and specifies that these failures are unfairly blamed on the local management services. In other words, they imply that local management, in order to succeed with the translated material they are provided with, are in fact require to rely on monkey's work to get results.

 There are ways to intelligently save on translations though. Between choosing the lowest bidder among free-lancers and paying prohibitive rates to a major translation provider, there is another option.

Let's imagine that you need to translate your material into Hebrew for example, assuming you do not know that language nor even it's alphabet. As a responsible manager, you do want a perfect translation and know that you cannot verify it yourself. The safest bet is to choose an ISO certified translation company with branches in multiple countries. It also happens to be by far the most expensive one, as they charge you not only for the translation and editing, but for their in-house Project Managers and they are making a hefty benefit on their own service providers. In many cases, they outsource the translations and/or editing to local translation companies and simply pass on to you the work performed by the local translation company without modifying it at all. As a result, you, the end client, in addition to paying the translator and the editor, are charged both for the local company Project Manager and profit and then for the major company Project Manager and profit. Since the major company's work in that case is hardly more than simply passing on the source material to the local translation company and then passing you the resulting edited translation, the 30-50% profit they are cashing in is not at all justified.

As an end client, you might save this 30 to 50 % of the translation cost by cutting of the middleman and going straight to the local translation company.

To do so, the best way to ensure that the local company is providing a good service is to give them a small translation project, say a page or two, and then verify its quality.

Now that you have successfully done so, you have gained a reliable supplier at a reasonable cost and can provide your local management team with decent material to work with. It's definitely best to leave the monkeys in the wild and work with professionals!

Using Translation Services to Compete as a Global Business

As the world embraces the ability to trade with all countries throughout the world, translation services are fast becoming a need to any company that desires to compete worldwide. Finding a translation service that will meet the challenges of today’s commerce is a necessary tool for all companies wishing to go global.

English is known as an international language in the business world; however, speaking, reading, and writing English are different matters. If a person knows only a little English, they will be able to speak it and get their idea across to others, however, when reading or writing documents this is almost an entirely different world. This is the main reason businesses are turning to translation services.

In the English language, the way in which most speak is not the same manner that the language is written. In the normal every day life of English speaking individuals, there are several slang words as well as many do not speak proper English while conversing with friends, however, when writing important documents these must be perfect as to ensure the correct usage of the word is used. The right vocabulary as well as usage in the sentence structure must be met or the entire sentence can mean something very different. All documents when translated must possess an easy read, sound correct, and of course convey the right meaning.

When providing a translated document there should be no mistakes. If you are speaking a foreign language most people will be able to accept the error, however, when it comes to the written word this is a different story as it becomes permanent and cannot be excused unless the entire document is rewritten properly. This type of carelessness can result in losing business partners and customers.

This is one reason using a translation service is of the utmost importance, as one small error can diminish the integrity of your entire business.

This may sound to you like it will cost your company money. Well, it will cost you money but in the long run, you will be making more money as you can reach more potential clients, customers, or business partners. With a translation service, you will be able to reach people all over the world in their own language and thus provide them with the details that need to make an educated decision.

Whether you need your documents translated into English or another language, a professional translation service will provide you with an expert translation of your document or advertisements so you will be able to target countries all over the world.

Targeting potential customers all over the world is the best way to globalize your company or product while providing the world with your product or service. This is a great opportunity for your company and for those that need or desire your products or services.

Factors Used by Translation Services in Determining Costs

You have made the decision to utilize a translation services firm and now you are wondering about the cost. All firms will use almost the same factors in arriving at a cost of providing the service to you. You should get a quote for your service before it is performed. Many of the firms want partial payment upfront with the balance paid when the product is delivered. The factors used in determining your costs include the following items.

One of the most important factors (if not the most important) is the number of source words. The source language is the language of the original document and the target language is the language into which the original document is being translated. It is not very surprising that the number of words is a major factor in determining the cost. It is only common sense that a larger document will cost more than a smaller document.

Another aspect in calculating the cost is the challenging nature of the translation. The more complex a document is the more it will cost per word. This again should not come as a surprise. An extremely challenging document will cause the translator to do research and call on his or her specialized knowledge. The complexity of the translation will also cause the translator to use much more creative writing skills. Any document with no technical terms will be priced lower than any document with technical terms like a technical manual or complex legal contract. A personal letter will be priced at the lowest price and the more complex, technical text will be priced higher.

Language combinations or pairs are factors used in determining the cost. European languages are the most affordable while translations involving the more obscure or complex languages are higher. The availability of professional translators who are highly skilled in a given language also contributes to the cost in this area.

Deadlines are also important in determining the cost. If you are in a hurry and want the document yesterday, you can expect to pay 30% to 50% more for the service. The timing of the project is one of the considerations that should be thoroughly discussed before the project is ever started. Adequate planning on your part will help with this problem. Not only does a rush job cost more, it may contribute to a less than adequate document because of rushing the translator.

Once you have gotten a quote for your project and made your choice of the service provider, you should provide as much information as possible to the translating services firm before they begin your project. Make sure you provide the cleanest documents possible to be translated. A poor quality document creates many problems for the translator and may affect the outcome of your documents. Also, be sure to communicate well during the process and be available to clarify your needs to ensure you get what you are paying for.

Translation Services Expand Your Business Potential

So far, your business has shown steady growth and you are ready to grab your piece of the global market. However, once you begin your campaign to other countries you should realize that the potential clients may have difficulties in understanding what your product or service is and what it does. The reason this is true, is that even if English is the major language  throughout the business world, only around 25 percent of the world speaks English. This means your information will be mumbo jumbo to 75 percent of the world. The only way to reach the vast population of individuals that do not speak English is with the aid of a translation service. Of course, this goes the other way as well, if you wish to reach the English speaking countries you may need your information translated into English. Either way, a professional translation service will be able to provide you with high quality translations that will ensure that all individuals will be able to receive your material in their native tongue.

In the United States, a recent report stated that many US companies are losing billions of dollars per year due to incorrect or inept language translations. These documents are a reflection of the company, thus if the material is not proper, individuals will not be able to trust the company. If they cannot ensure their own documents are readable in the foreign language, how will they ever be able to meet the needs of customers that speak that language?

If you have a particular country or countries you wish to market your product or service, then you need to find a translation service that speaks and writes both languages fluently. Just because a person can speak, the language fluently does not ensure they can write the language correctly. Always ask for a sample by providing one of your documents. Remember, languages often change whereas a word can have new meanings or may not be used in the same way it was years before.

In order to translate the material properly you will need both a translation service that has been in business for a while with references. You should be able to communicate in your own language to explain the document you wish translated so you can convey the message you wish others to read and understand. The true answer is to use a reputable and reliable translation service that understands the importance of your material.

You should be able to work with the team of translators to ensure that your document is understandable and correctly worded for those that will be reading your material. Remember, you can always ask questions during the translation process if in doubt. Lastly, if you really need a rush job then that is one thing, but if you can wait, please give the translators the time they need to ensure your material will be perfect.

Corporate Website Translation

It´s no secret. One of the best ways to expand your business  is moving towards new markets. And how do you accomplish this? How do you gain market share? One of the best ways, of course, is spend more money in advertising. But, not everyone has the advertising budget that big companies  have. So, what can you do if you don´t have the funds for major-league advertising? Consider corporate website translation as the solution for you.

Recent marketing reports revealed very interesting statistics. Over 100 million people access the Internet in a language other than English. Moreover, over 50% of these users speak a native language other than English. So, if you want to reach new customers in new markets, it makes sense to approach them in their native language.

It is a good idea that you translate your entire site. Nevertheless, consider the option of partially translating your web page, such as product or service details, graphics, client portfolio, and other important facts. Think of how delighted your potential customers will be to access this information in their own language. You´ll definitely gain the competitive edge.

Experts acknowledge the value of corporate website translation. You may think most users are able to understand the information they read in English on the Web. But they may miss important details, misunderstand key issues, just because, since English is not their native tongue, misinterpret the subtle differences. This is even more important when dealing with industry-specific terms.
Your corporate website translation project will be assigned to a translator, or team of translators, who have experience and are qualified to work in your specific area of expertise. They will be able to clearly convey your marketing message to your foreign clients, ensuring a high quality translation. Editors will then carefully proofread and review the translation to detect any errors or inconsistencies. They will make sure they deliver a website that is suitably adapted to the new customers you wish to reach.

You can´t afford to ignore these important findings. Your business growth and expansion might depend on it. What you fail to do, might give your competitors the competitive edge, and they will take the lead while you lag behind. Corporate website translation is the strategy that goes hand in hand with global growth strategy. It will definitely help you capture a bigger piece of the market.